5 Easy Steps to Bring Bitmoji's to the Classroom

So for a while now I have been really excited about using Bitmojis to create various classroom management tools, decor, posters, stickers, and just to add a little bit more fun to my classroom. Its really amazing how easy it is to do this to any project, presentation, slide, or poster that you create for your classroom . All you need to do is download the Bitmoji extension and you can search and insert those images of yourself your cutesy dream self (or is that just me?) anywhere your little heart desires. My heart desires many places. Therefore, I thought I’d give a quick look at how to download and start using the Bitmoji keyboard on your computer, for those of us that have not yet jumped on this train yet. Follow this step by step guide to downloading and beginning to use your Bitmoji’s.

Step 1

simply open google chrome and search "Bitmoji chrome extension”


Step 2

Click on “Bitmoji-google chrome” this was listed first for me.

bitmoji 2.png

Step 3

Click the blue “Add to Chrome” button on the far right of the screen. This will initiate a popup asking permission to share some of your data. Click “Add extension.”

bitmoji 3.png

Step 4

The green Bitmoji symbol will appear and ask you to connect your account. Click the blue “Continue” button. This should take you to a screen to input your log in information. You can log in with your Bitmoji account information or through Snapchat. You likely set these two up together on your phone if not go ahead and create an account now.

bitmoji 4.png

Step 5

Once your log in is complete you will see a cute little welcome page and notice the Bitmoji symbol has been added to the top right of your screen. Click on that guy and your Bitmoji oasis will appear. Here you can click any category or search Bitmoji’s just as you would on your phone. By simply copying and pasting the one you choose you can place that guy anywhere. You will also start to notice this symbol popping up in various other locations for easy use such as, within your google email.


I just love how easy this makes it to personalize my classroom decor. Last school year, I was so interested in utilizing this simple tool much more than I did(only by having various Bitmoji stickers you can check out that post HERE) I just never had time to actually create the projects. That is why I am spending a little time this summer to create some fun and functional decor with my own Bitmoji. Student’s truly love this special touch and get so excited to see us entering a world they understand. Whether we like it or not this fun little clip art is a HUGE part of their daily lives. This is a small way to connect with your students and their interests as soon as they walk into the classroom. I see a lot of potential for inserting these into lessons here and there and even students utilizing their own Bitmojis. Those posts are still just floating around in my brain but keep and eye out for them! For now you can see more on Bitmoji projects and other classroom DIY’s by checking out my post on 5 Summer Classroom DIY Projects.