How to Create Your Own Bitmoji Stickers -Post Two-

Hello I'm so glad you made it to this post! I'm very excited about these awesome Bitmoji stickers. If you need some direction on acquiring the actual photo on a computer rather than a phone check out this post. Today’s post goes into detail about creating and printing the actual stickers.

I decided to  use address labels from Avery and I think they are plenty large enough to create two stickers per label maybe even three. You can really use any size Avery label you choose. Before we get started go ahead an visit and create an account. This allows you access to all the Avery brand templates and use of their site hub to store your projects for future use and editing. I am I’m telling you it is crazy easy and makes for a super cute personal touch to your classroom.

Step One

Once logged in you need to hover over templates and then click find a template. This will bring a screen up to type in your product number. I did not take a photo of this but it would make it super easy to do it this way. You can skip to step two if you do this. Otherwise, you can go the long route as I did and scroll down to click rectangle templates. Here you will find the screen pictured below. Now you are in the design space for Avery. You will still need to choose your product by typing  your product number which is clearly posted on all Avery product packaging. Once you find your size go ahead and click choose design.


Step Two:

Next, you will be prompted to choose a horizontal or vertical layout. You can decide based on what kind of stickers you want but I go with horizontal for these stickers. Once you choose you will see the screen I have below. Here, you can see you have moved to tab 3, customize, on the top of the screen. This is where we will be doing our designing. Now you need to add your images. Click ad image and you will be able to browse for the desired images.

step 2.jpg

Step Three

Now you can click browse and find the folder we created in your computer to choose your images. If you haven't done this visit post one to create your folder or Bitmoji images. Choose your image and click open. Once you've done this you will want to go back to step 2 and upload your second image since we can easily fit two stickers per label. I chose to put two different images on each label but you could do two of the same that’s up to you depending on how many you think you need of each sticker.

step 3.jpg

Step Four

Now you have two images on your screen but they are quite small. Make sure you drag from the corner and enlarge. As you can see in my photo comment I like to center mine a bit so the spacing on the sides of the stickers are even after I cut them apart.

step 4.jpg

Step 5

We now have two nicely centered stickers and you can check the thumbnail to the right to see an overall view of your labels. This helps me to see if the stickers are centered to my liking. When you’re ready go ahead and click print &preview to move on!

step 5.jpg

Step 6

Once in tab 4 print & preview you get a nice larger example of your stickers before you start your printing. Ask you can see there is an option for you to print and for the company to print for you. I printed my own and love how they turn out but I'm sure the quality is great too if you decide to send them in!

step 7.jpg


Step seven

Now you have your pretty new stickers be sure to click save! you can export them to your computer or save them to the hub which is what I choose to do. then move on to create your next page of stickers.  

Now you just need to cut them down the center and organize by image. I decided to put mine on a book ring. I'm hoping this will be a quick and easy way to use my stickers!  If you've stuck with me this long hopefully you are on your way to having your own adorable Bitmoji stickers to use in your classroom. One more aspect of using Avery's site to do this that I LOVE is the ease of creating additional projects. Now that you've created your first set you can actually visit you hub and apply any of these designs to another template for many sizes. Let me know if you have any questions! I hope this was helpful to bring these cute little stickers into your classroom.

step 9.jpg
step 10.jpg