I Landed the Job! NOW WHAT???

Great news everyone I have accepted a job as a K-2 ED teacher. I wanted to create this post about what I have done since then to prepare for the upcoming year. Let me start by saying that, while I could not be more excited to jump right in, this is actually not where I thought I would end up. That being said my first step in preparing for the upcoming school year was researching! I have been hunting down special education bloggers, reading books, and researching special ed behavior management for about 3 weeks now.  This has been so helpful and has really gotten me excited about a position that I was unsure about at first. The world of educator blogs is one of the friendliest and most helpful out there. I have gotten many great ideas from classroom decor, behavior management, lesson plans, and even the dreaded documentation. I'd like to discuss some of the great plans I have below and I'd love some feedback from all of you!


So I’ll be honest, I have probably jumped the gun on classroom decor more than anybody you've ever met! It's a serious PROBLEM for me, I have been collecting since my first apartment when I finally had somewhere to keep my items. I hit up garage sales, love crafting my own decor, and of course the beloved Target dollar spot. My plan is a neutral sort of farmhouse style room with pops of a tropical theme. I love the cactus, pineapple classes out there and had to find a way to fit them into my room. I will be in a special education class so those bright colors aren't a great fit for my kiddos which is why im mainly using a simple farmhouse style (think Joanna Gains). I will be using wood look bulletin board paper and many neutral colors on the walls. I have purchased an awesome TPT decor pack from INSERT which has great toned down colors. I do have a few pops of color I plan to insert which I believe my kiddos will love and be able to handle quite well. Check out some of the great things I have plans for!


Grab Your Camera And Go small.jpg

Here are some of my pineapple theme items. Most of these I have not decided what to do with yet but just couldn't pass up the great deals so I would love some suggestions on some great uses! Most of these things I purchased from Walmart in the summer season for a great price. 

Grab Your Camera And Go small.jpg

These cushions are part of my big plan for flexible seating in my classroom. I plan to slowing move to flexible seating this year so I will probably be starting off with them in my library area but I plan to be pretty lax about allowing student to move them around the room for use. Still in search of clipboard to help my kiddos who would rather work on the floor. I think I will end up with the option below so my students can also use them as dry erase boards, What do you think?


There is where I stand on decor as of now I can't wait to get into my classroom and get it all set up! I'm trying so hard to hold off purchasing anything more until I can see my room. One thing I know I will be looking for is a rug which I'm just so lost on and would love to hear your ideas about? Here are a few I'm considering let me know what you think. 

This rug is so cute I love the imperfect lining pattern. At such a great price of 60 bucks for a 5x8  sized rug you almost can't pass it up.

This has always been a favorite of mine. Great friends of mine have it in their girls playroom and it looks even better in person. I am just not sure about a white background in my class.

Check out the rest of this series for planning and classroom management prep that I've done!