Story Behind The Right Brained Teacher

The story Behind the RightBrainedTeacher

So I have been going through all this great schooling  learning about amazing ways to teach students of all ability levels with many many different personalities. This is why I went into this field, the amazingly creative lessons and activities. An engaging science project that hits english science and math standards all in one? How many of you have been seeing this in the field? Unheard of am I right? I get it, this is HARD to do with so many hoops to jump through in such little time! My hope with the blog is to push teachers in the field already and those newly graduating with new knowledge great theories to put these theories into practice!


When considering starting a blog I thought about why I felt like I needed to get my ideas out there. I am really passionate about taking what we learn to be best practice and actually putting it to use in the classroom. Am I truely a right brained person? Probably not, especially compared to a lot of you amazingly creative educators out there. I do however believe that many of our elementary students heavily rely on these “right brained” skills, and do not receive the types of input they should within traditional school programs. My hope is to provide some of these more creative and engaging ideas to more educators. I think we all know the types of lessons and activities I am talking about but maybe struggle to fit it into our given curriculum which our schools pay so much for so we must use!

Through my posts there are a few conversations I hope to open up  a place for discussion and for us all share experiences and ideas. Teaching from the book and how to make it work in our classrooms. Creating engaging interactive lessons that are practical for all student levels. Navigating school culture, what it is and how to stay positive while collaborating with coworkers. My hope is that I can really dive into some of these issues that I see going into the field and get opinions and ideas from new and veteran teachers alike.